Malwarebytes Mistakenly Blocks Google, YouTube for Malware

Malwarebytes has addressed an issue that prevented users from accessing websites and services hosted on the domain, including Google search and Youtube

According to a large number of reports from people affected by this, their browsers were prevented from accessing Google sites after Malwarebytes flagged and blocked them as malicious

Malwarebytes pushed a bad update it seems. I couldn't access any Google websites and was getting constant malware notifications from Google websites, " one impacted customer said

I turned off real time web protection and now it works fine. Any device I have that doesn't have Malwarebytes (Android phone, other windows devices) wasn't affected

We are aware of a temporary issue with the web filtering component of our product that may be blocking certain domains, including, " the company said

One hour, the anti-malware software vendor revealed that it had resolved the issue and all customers' software would update on its own to remove the false positive errors

The issue is now resolved, and the update should happen automatically, " Malwarebytes told affected users via Twitter