Deepti Sharma Mankad Players Reaction

No. I'm not so sure. Laws have changed, so if she was in her delivery stride, she was well within her rights to do that

It's Part of The Game, I Dont Think We have Done Something New. It Shows Your Awareness, what Batters are Doing. I will Back my Players, She Doesn't Done Something outside Th Rules.

I don't think there's yet a law where run-outs are counted as bowler's wickets. I mean I'm just talking about laws here. May be, they do get counted in 'Spirit of the Game' guidebook

Funny to see so many English guys being poor losers. #Runout

Mankad is in the rules, but I hope it's not a go too tactic, You surely don't train all your lives to win a game using that tactic and I know Batters should train to stay behind the line but it stinks seeing a game won like that

There is no point in arguing whether it is right or wrong. At the end of the day the scorecard reads "run out" according to the rule book.

wait, wait, wait, Mankad. back foot is down front foot was down before she left crease. should be not out on drs if we're making it legal.

I find the debate of the Mankad really interesting. So many views from either side. I personally wouldn’t like to win a match like that, also, very happy for others to feel differently

Will never understand why players feel the need to do this. Is she stealing ground?

There?s surely not a person who has played the game that thinks this is acceptable